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How to Lose 10 Pounds within a Week: The Easy Way

No doubt about it, physical appearance has its weight in judging people and establishing first impressions. Clothing and weight are aspects we base our opinions on and we think it’s actually right. In this era of speed and technology, it’s all about appearance and complying with the standards imposed on us by the modern society we live in.

Nevertheless, having a weight problem is not only about affecting our social status, it also has implications on our mental state and health condition. Not to mention the multitude of health disorders that can emerge out of improper alimentation and a negligent way of living. You can access nowadays a lot of treatments and wonder-programs that promise you to lose 10 pounds in a week and obtain that perfect body we’ve seen in magazines and on TV. So you might wonder "how can i lose 10 pounds?"

To lose a lot of pounds in a short amount of time is not a very clever move and nutritionists recommend us different long-term plans that are more efficient and healthier for our bodies. First of all, you should start your 10 pounds in a week weight loss program with a detoxification, trying to get rid of all the nasty things you’ve accumulated so far in your body. First of all, you should start with a detoxification to clean your body from all the nasty things you’ve been eating lately. During this, eat less and drink more liquids and natural juices from fruit like lemons and oranges, to which you can add honey or ginger.

Of course, losing weight is about eating less and healthier, so you should throw all the fatty foods away and keep only natural aliments such as fresh fruit and vegetables, light meat or natural juices. Your meals should contain salads, boiled meat or fresh fruit. Don’t start eating as much as you can, try to keep the portions moderate and never lose sight of your ultimate goal. Losing weight is far more difficult than gaining it, but with a little effort things will eventually come around.

Moreover, you should know that no matter what you eat, you must also know when and how to eat it, in order to stay within your weight loss program. You should start having a satiable breakfast, in order to gain enough strength and energy to keep you going during the day. Your last meal should be until 7 p. m. and after this you should not put anything in your mouth except for liquids. Eating and going straight to bed is the worst thing you can do to your silhouette.

Moderation and determination are the answers to your question:”how can i lose 10 pounds in a week?’, so start do something for a change.


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